Lithuanian Association of Nonlinear Analysts


In February 1996 the most active scientists and research specialists of Lithuania: mathematicians, physicists, biologists, chemists, programming and computer scientists, met together to conduct a scientific seminar. The aim of this seminar was to develop, analyze, research, and simulate the theory and applications of nonlinear phenomena, especially ones described by nonlinear differential equations and solved by symbolic and/or numerical methods. The talks at the seminar were/are covering the most fundamental issues of the theory and applications of nonlinear differential equations, nonlinear spectroscopy, chaos control, engineering biology, biochemistry, etc.

In a short period of time the seminar became very popular among many leading scientists, practicing specialists, research scholars, doctoral students etc. The seminar now has its official name Modelling and Control of Nonlinear Phenomena and is recognized by the Lithuanian Academy of Science, as a National Academic Seminar.

The seminar showed also a great and increasing need for scientists to cooperate. As a result, the Lithuanian Association of Nonlinear Analysts (LANA) was founded. It was established in December 20, 1996, as a professional society with challenging interdisciplinary goals:

  • to promote common understanding of nonlinear problems of all cross-related disciplines of research, as well as approaches to the solutions of these problems,
  • to constitute the exchange of knowledge and experience of various scientists, engineers and other professionals of Lithuania in order to help them to cooperate and compete at international level.

LANA is governed by the president and LANA Council, presidents of LANA:

  • Professor Vytautas Statulevičius (probability theory and stochastic processes, Research Institute of Mathematics and Informatics), 1996-1998, and re-elected 1998-2000;
  • Professor Algis Piskarskas (nonlinear spectroscopy, Vilnius University), 2000-2002;
  • Professor Feliksas Ivanauskas (nonlinear differential equations and numerical methods, Vilnius University), 2002-present.