Lithuanian Association of Nonlinear Analysts

LANA: Activities

The main activities of LANA are intent on the seminar and the journal, as described above. However, there were also other events arranged:

  • the research conference: "Nonlinear Processes: Simulation and Control", September 10-13, 1997, Klaipėda, Lithuania, was organized by the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences, Vilnius University, the Institute of Mathematics and Informatics, and Klaipėda University, for more information about this conference, please mail to: Algimantas Juozapavičius;
  • The Training Program of Nonlinear Analysts (TPNA), 1998-2000, was accomplished to train students, young scientists and specialists of mathematical and natural sciences in nonlinear analytical methods and to raise their competence to participate succesfully in the international labour market;
  • the workshop "Nonlinear Processes" - Vilnius University, May 28-29, 1999, was arranged to discuss the curricula of education of nonlinear analysts in Lithuania.