A Lithuanian Association of Nonlinear Analysts

Lithuanian Association of Nonlinear Analysts

Nonlinear Analysis: Modelling and Control

ISSN: 1392-5113

The scope of the journal is to provide a multidisciplinary forum for scientists, researchers and engineers involved in research and design of nonlinear processes and phenomena, including the nonlinear modelling of phenomena of the nature. The journal accepts contributions on nonlinear phenomena and processes in any field of science and technology.

The aims of the journal are:

  • to provide a presentation of theoretical results and applications
  • to cover research results of multidisciplinary interest
  • to provide fast publishing of quality papers by extensive work of editors and referees
  • to provide an early access to the information by presenting the complete papers on Internet.

Journal welcomes the following types of contributions:

  • original research papers
  • review articles, providing a comprehensive review on a scientific topic
  • short self-contained articles on ongoing research, or reporting interesting, possibly tentative ideas
  • comments on previously published research.

All submissions are refereed by high qualified scientists, and are reviewed in international reviewing journals as well.

The journal is an official periodical of the Lithuanian Association of Nonlinear Analysts (LANA). Participating institutions are:

The journal is issued in two identical forms: paper copy and an electronic form. The paper copy of the journal may be requested from the Institute of Mathematics and Informatics on the address given below.

Mailing address:

Prof. Mifodijus Sapagovas, Editor-In-Chief
Institute of Mathematics and Informatics
Akademijos 4, LT-08663, Vilnius

Ph.: +370 52 729207, fax: +370 52 729209, email: Romas.Baronas@mif.vu.lt