Lithuanian Association of Nonlinear Analysts

Nonlinear Analysis: Modelling and Control: Issues

ISSN: 1392-5113

Vol. 17. No. 2

Published on 21 May 2012

  1. Aidas Balčiūnas, Antanas Laurinčikas. The Laplace transform of Dirichlet L-functions, pp. 127–138 (NA17201.pdf)
  2. Janis Cepītis, Olgerts Dumbrajsc, Harijs Kalis, Andrejs Reinfelds, Uldis Strautins. Analysis of equations arising in gyrotron theory, pp. 139–152 (NA17202.pdf)
  3. Arnaud Heibig, Liviu Iulian Palade. On the existence of solutions to the fractional derivative equations $\frac{d^\alpha u}{dt^\alpha}+Au=f$, of relevance to diffusion in complex systems, pp. 153–168 (NA17203.pdf)
  4. Ikrom Iskanadjiev. Duality of the alternating integral for quasi-linear differential games, pp. 169–181 (NA17204.pdf)
  5. Hossein Jafari, Atefe Sooraki, Yahya Talebi, Anjan Biswas. The first integral method and traveling wave solutions to Davey–Stewartson equation, pp. 182–193 (NA17205.pdf)
  6. Somayeh Khademloo, Shapur Heidarkhani. Existence of non-negative solutions for semilinear elliptic systems via variational methods, pp. 194–209 (NA17206.pdf)
  7. Xiu Liu, Shouming Zhong, Xiuyong Ding. Robust exponential stability of nonlinear impulsive switched systems with time-varying delays, pp. 210–222 (NA17207.pdf)
  8. Tapas Ray Mahapatra, Dulal Pal, Sabyasachi Mondal. Influence of thermal radiation on non-Darcian natural convection in a square cavity filled with fluid saturated porous medium of uniform porosity, pp. 223–237 (NA17208.pdf)
  9. Jurga Rukšėnaitė, Pranas Vaitkus. Prediction of a composite indicators using combined method of extreme learning machine and locally weighted regression, pp. 238–251 (NA17209.pdf)

Vol. 17. No. 1

Published on 24 February 2012

  1. Ahmed A. Afify, Nasser S. Elgazery. Lie group analysis for the effects of chemical reaction on MHD stagnation-point flow of heat and mass transfer towards a heated porous stretching sheet with suction or injection, pp. 1–15 (NA17101.pdf)
  2. Gintautas Bareikis, Algirdas Mačiulis. Some applications of IFS based on square symmetries, pp. 16–26 (NA17102.pdf)
  3. Nomeda Bratčikovienė. Adapted SETAR model for Lithuanian HCPI time series, pp. 27–46 (NA17103.pdf)
  4. Tasawar Hayat, Muhammad Awais, Ambreen Safdar, Awatif A. Hendi. Unsteady three dimensional flow of couple stress fluid over a stretching surface with chemical reaction, pp. 47–59 (NA17104.pdf)
  5. Fayequa Majid, Houria Triki, Tasawar Hayat, Omar M. Aldossary, Anjan Biswas. Solitary wave solutions of the Vakhnenko–Parkes equation, pp. 60–66 (NA17105.pdf)
  6. Sweta Pathak, Alakes Maiti. Pest control using virus as control agent: A mathematical model, pp. 67–90 (NA17106.pdf)
  7. Mifodijus Sapagovas, Kristina Jakubėlienė. Alternating direction method for two-dimensional parabolic equation with nonlocal integral condition, pp. 91–98 (NA17107.pdf)
  8. Mohamed Selmani, Lynda Selmani. Analysis of a frictionless contact problem for elastic-viscoplastic materials, pp. 99–117 (NA17108.pdf)
  9. Elena Tamaševičiūtė, Gytis Mykolaitis, Arūnas Tamaševičius. Analogue modelling an array of the FitzHugh–Nagumo oscillators, pp. 118–125 (NA17109.pdf)

Vol. 16. No. 4

Published on 7 December 2011

  1. Algimantas Juozapavičius, Gytis Bacevičius, Dmitrijus Bugelskis, Rūta Samaitienė. EEG analysis – automatic spike detection, pp. 375–386 (NA16401.pdf)
  2. Rasa Karbauskaitė, Gintautas Dzemyda, Edmundas Mazėtis. Geodesic distances in the maximum likelihood estimator of intrinsic dimensionality, pp. 387–402 (NA16402.pdf)
  3. Hüseyin Koçak, Ahmet Yıldırım. An efficient new iterative method for finding exact solutions of nonlinear time-fractional partial differential equations, pp. 403–414 (NA16403.pdf)
  4. Gesham Magombedze, Christinah Chiyaka, Zindoga Mukandavire. Optimal control of malaria chemotherapy, pp. 415–434 (NA16404.pdf)
  5. Raimondas Malukas. Limit theorems for a quadratic variation of Gaussian processes, pp. 435–452 (NA16405.pdf)
  6. Eugenijus Manstavičius, Žydrūnas Žilinskas. On a variance related to the Ewens sampling formula, pp. 453–466 (NA16406.pdf)
  7. Vladas Skakauskas, Pranas Katauskis. On the kinetics of the Langmuir-type heterogeneous reactions, pp. 467–476 (NA16407.pdf)
  8. Darbhashayanam Srinivasacharya, Kolla Kaladhar. Analytical solution of MHD free convective flow of couple stress fluid in an annulus with Hall and Ion-slip effects, pp. 477–487 (NA16408.pdf)
  9. Pavel Stefanovič, Olga Kurasova. Visual analysis of self-organizing maps, pp. 488–504 (NA16409.pdf)

Vol. 16. No. 3

Published on 19 September 2011

  1. Yusufjon P. Apakov, Stasys Rutkauskas. On a boundary value problem to third order PDE with multiple characteristics, pp. 255–269 (NA16301.pdf)
  2. Romas Baronas, Remigijus Šimkus. Modeling the bacterial self-organization in a circular container along the contact line as detected by bioluminescence imaging, pp. 270–282 (NA16302.pdf)
  3. Manuel De la Sen, Asier Ibeas, Santiago Alonso-Quesada. Feedback linearization-based vaccination control strategies for true-mass action type SEIR epidemic models, pp. 283–314 (NA16303.pdf)
  4. Jelena Kočetova, Jonas Šiaulys. Asymptotic behavior of the Gerber–Shiu discounted penalty function in the Erlang(2) risk process with subexponential claims, pp. 315–331 (NA16304.pdf)
  5. Hossein Moosaei, Mohammad Mirzazadeh, Ahmet Yildirim. Exact solutions to the perturbed nonlinear Schrödinger's equation with Kerr law nonlinearity by using the first integral method, pp. 332–339 (NA16305.pdf)
  6. Scott A. Sarra, Clyde Meador. On the numerical solution of chaotic dynamical systems using extend precision floating point arithmetic and very high order numerical methods, pp. 340–352 (NA16306.pdf)
  7. Ranjit Kumar Upadhyay, Sharada Nandan Raw. Complex dynamics of a three species food-chain model with Holling type IV functional response, pp. 353–374 (NA16307.pdf)

Vol. 16. No. 2

Published on 30 May 2011

  1. M. Ali Akbar, Sk. Tanzer Ahmed Siddique. Perturbation solutions of fifth order oscillatory nonlinear systems, pp. 123–134 (NA16201.pdf)
  2. Muhammad Athar, Corina Fetecau, Muhammad Kamran, Ahmad Sohail, Muhammad Imran. Exact solutions for unsteady axial Couette flow of a fractional Maxwell fluid due to an accelerated shear, pp. 135–151 (NA16202.pdf)
  3. Salam Hadi Hussain, Ahmed Kadhim Hussein, Mahmoud Moustafa Mahdi. Natural convection in a square inclined enclosure with vee-corrugated sidewalls subjected to constant flux heating from below, pp. 152–169 (NA16203.pdf)
  4. Algimantas Juozapavičius, Ramūnas Markauskas. Vectorization of human pelvis objects in X-ray images, pp. 170–180 (NA16204.pdf)
  5. Abdelilah Kaddar, Abdelhadi Abta, Hamad Talibi Alaoui. A comparison of delayed SIR and SEIR epidemic models, pp. 181–190 (NA16205.pdf)
  6. Gabriela Mircea, Mihaela Neamţu, Dumitru Opriş. The Kaldor–Kalecki stochastic model of business cycle, pp. 191–205 (NA16206.pdf)
  7. Kolloju Phaneendra, Y.N. Reddy, GBSL. Soujanya. A seventh order numerical method for singular perturbed differential-difference equations with negative shift, pp. 206–219 (NA16207.pdf)
  8. Mifodijus Sapagovas, Olga Štikonienė. Alternating-direction method for a mildly nonlinear elliptic equation with nonlocal integral conditions, pp. 220–230 (NA16208.pdf)
  9. Sergey Smirnov. On the third order boundary value problems with asymmetric nonlinearity, pp. 231–241 (NA16209.pdf)
  10. Xiaohong Tian, Rui Xu. Global dynamics of a predator-prey system with Holling type II functional response, pp. 242–253 (NA16210.pdf)

Vol. 16. No. 1

Published on 25 February 2011

  1. M.S. Alam, M.U. Ahammad. Effects of variable chemical reaction and variable electric conductivity on free convective heat and mass transfer flow along an inclined stretching sheet with variable heat and mass fluxes under the influence of Dufour and Soret effects, pp. 1–16 (Alam.pdf)
  2. S.P. Anjali Devi, R. Uma Devi. On hydromagnetic flow due to a rotating disk with radiation effects, pp. 17–29 (Anjali_Devi.pdf)
  3. B. Buonomo, D. Lacitignola. B. Buonomo, D. Lacitignola On the backward bifurcation of a vaccination model with nonlinear incidence, pp. 30–46 (Buonomo.pdf)
  4. M. Imran, M. Kamran, M. Athar, A.A. Zafar. Taylor–Couette flow of a fractional second grade fluid in an annulus due to a time-dependent couple, pp. 47–58 (Imran.pdf)
  5. A. Lahrouz, L. Omari, D. Kiouach. Global analysis of a deterministic and stochastic nonlinear SIRS epidemic model, pp. 59–76 (Lahrouz.pdf)
  6. B. Mukhopadhyay, R. Bhattacharyya. On a three-tier ecological food chain model with deterministic and random harvesting: A mathematical study, pp. 77–88 (Mukhopadhyay.pdf)
  7. S. Parvin, R. Nasrin. Analysis of the flow and heat transfer characteristics for MHD free convection in an enclosure with a heated obstacle, pp. 89–99 (Parvin.pdf)
  8. D. Srinivasacharya, Ch. RamReddy. Soret and Dufour effects on mixed convection in a non-Darcy porous medium saturated with micropolar fluid, pp. 100–115 (Srinivasacharya.pdf)
  9. G. Valiukevičius. Notion of a virtual derivative, pp. 116–122 (Valiukevicius.pdf)

Vol. 15. No. 4

Published on 29 November 2010

  1. M.B. Abd-el-Malek, H.S. Hassan. Symmetry analysis for steady boundary-layer stagnation-point flow of Rivlin–Ericksen fluid of second grade subject to suction, pp. 379–396 (Abd-el-Malek.pdf)
  2. G.A. Afrouzi, M. Mirzapour. Existence results for a class of (p,q) Laplacian systems, pp. 397–403 (Afrouzi.pdf)
  3. A. Ambrazevičius. Existence and uniqueness theorem to a unimolecular heterogeneous catalytic reaction model, pp. 405–421 (Ambrazevicius.pdf)
  4. H. Jafari, M. Alipour. Solution of the Davey–Stewartson equation using homotopy analysis method, pp.423–433 (Jafari.pdf)
  5. M. Jalil, S. Asghar. Comments on “Lie group analysis of natural convection heat and mass transfer in an inclined surface”, pp. 435–436 (Jalil.pdf)
  6. M. Kamran, M. Imran, M. Athar. Exact solutions for the unsteady rotational flow of a generalized second grade fluid through a circular cylinder, pp. 437–444 (Kamran.pdf)
  7. K. Kubilius, D. Melichov. On the convergence rates of Gladyshev's Hurst index estimator, pp. 445–450 (Kubilius.pdf)
  8. G.K. Lowe, M.A. Zohdy. Modeling nonlinear systems using multiple piecewise linear equations, pp. 451–458 (Lowe.pdf)
  9. S. Mandal, M.M. Panja, S. Ray, S.K. Roy. Qualitative behavior of three species food chain around inner equilibrium point: spectral analysis, pp. 459–472 (Mandal.pdf)
  10. A.K. Pal, G.P. Samanta. Stability analysis of an eco-epidemiological model incorporating a prey refuge, pp. 473–491 (Pal.pdf)
  11. S. Sajavičius. On the eigenvalue problems for differential operators with coupled boundary conditions, pp.493–500 (Sajavicius.pdf)
  12. A. Skučaitė, K. Skučaitė-Bingelė, S. Pečiulytė, A. Štikonas. Investigation of the spectrum for the Sturm–Liouville problem with one integral boundary condition, pp. 501–512 (Skucaite.pdf)

Vol. 15, No. 3

Published on 17 September 2010

  1. M.M.M. Abdou. Effect of radiation with temperature dependent viscosity and thermal conductivity on unsteady a stretching sheet through porous media, pp. 257–270 (Abdou.pdf)
  2. M. Agarwal, S. Devi. The effect of environmental tax on the survival of biological species in a polluted environment: a mathematical model, pp. 271–286 (Agarwal.pdf)
  3. T. Akhter, M.A. Alim. Effects of pressure work on natural convection flow around a sphere with radiation heat loss, pp. 287–298 (Akhter.pdf)
  4. A. Kaddar. Stability analysis in a delayed SIR epidemic model with a saturated incidence rate, pp. 299–306 (Kaddar.pdf)
  5. A. Krylovas, O. Lavcel-Budko, P. Miškinis. Asymptotic solution of the mathematical model of nonlinear oscillations of absolutely elastic inextensible weightless string, pp. 307–323 (Krylovas.pdf)
  6. A. Plikusas, D. Pumputis. Estimation of the finite population covariance using calibration, pp. 325–340 (Plikusas.pdf)
  7. M.M. Rashidi, S.A. Mohimanian Pour, N. Laraqi. A semi-analytical solution of micro polar flow in a porous channel with mass injection by using differential transform method, pp. 341–350 (Rashidi.pdf)
  8. V. Skakauskas, P. Katauskis. Numerical solving of coupled systems of parabolic and ordinary differential equations, pp. 351–360 (Skakauskas.pdf)
  9. R.K. Upadhyay, S.N. Raw, V. Rai. Dynamical complexities in a tri-trophic hybrid food chain model with Holling type II and Crowley–Martin functional responses, pp. 361–375 (Upadhyay.pdf)

Vol. 15, No. 2

Published on 01 June 2010

  1. A. Ambrazevičius, F. Ivanauskas, H. Pragarauskas. On Duffing equation with random perturbations,
    pp. 129–138
  2. A.J. Chamkha, A.M. Aly, M.A. Mansour. Unsteady natural convective power-law fluid flow past a vertical plate embedded in a non-Darcian porous medium in the presence of a homogeneous chemical reaction, pp. 139–154 (Chamkha.pdf)
  3. C. Fetecau, A.U. Awan, M. Athar. A note on ``Taylor–Couette flow of a generalized second grade fluid due to a constant couple'', pp. 155–158 (Fetecau.pdf)
  4. M.A.H. Mamun, Md.T. Islam, Md.M. Rahman. Natural convection in a porous trapezoidal enclosure with magneto-hydrodynamic effect, pp. 159–184 (Mamun.pdf)
  5. A.K. Misra. Modeling the depletion of dissolved oxygen in a lake due to submerged macrophytes,
    pp. 185–198
  6. M.M. Rahman, M.A. Alim. MHD mixed convection flow in a vertical lid-driven square enclosure including a heat conducting horizontal circular cylinder with Joule heating, pp. 199–211 (Rahman.pdf)
  7. D. Švitra, I. Basov, R. Vilkytė. Modelling of glycaemia dynamics: impact of physical exercises,
    pp. 213–232
  8. Gajendra K. Vishwakarma, Housila P. Singh, Sarjinder Singh. A family of estimators of population mean using multi-auxiliary variate and post-stratification, pp. 233–253 (Vishwakarma.pdf)

Vol. 15, No. 1

Published on 04 March 2010

  1. M. Athar, M. Kamran, C. Fetecau. Taylor–Couette flow of a generalized second grade fluid due to a constant couple, pp. 3–13 (Athar.pdf)
  2. A. Bakshaev. N-distance tests of uniformity on the hypersphere, pp. 15–28 (Bakshaev.pdf)
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    pp. 55–70
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  9. L.-S. Yao. Computed chaos or numerical errors, pp. 109–126 (Yao.pdf)

Vol. 14, No. 4

Published on 11 November 2009

  1. D. Britz, R. Baronas, E. Gaidamauskaitė, F. Ivanauskas. Further Comparisons of Finite Difference Schemes for Computational Modelling of Biosensors, pp. 419–433 (Britz.pdf)
  2. P.D. Gupta, N.C. Majee, A.B. Roy. Stability and Hopf-Bifurcation Analysis of Delayed BAM Neural Network under Dynamic Thresholds, pp. 435–461 (Gupta.pdf)
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  7. Md.M. Rahman, M.A. Alim, S. Saha, M.K. Chowdhury. Effect of the Presence of a Heat Conducting Horizontal Square Block on Mixed Convection inside a Vented Square Cavity, pp. 531–548 (Rahman.pdf)

Vol. 14, No. 3

Published on 11 September 2009

  1. S. Abbas. Pseudo Almost Periodic Sequence Solutions of Discrete Time Cellular Neural Networks,
    pp. 283–301
  2. S.P. Anjali Devi, B. Ganga. Effects of Viscous and Joules Dissipation on MHD Flow, Heat and Mass Transfer past a Stretching Porous Surface Embedded in a Porous Medium, pp. 303–314 (Anjali Devi.pdf)
  3. V. Chadyšas. Estimation of a Distribution Function under Sampling on Two Occasions, pp. 315–331 (Chadysas.pdf)
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Vol. 14, No. 2

Published on 26 May 2009

  1. A. Benabdallah. On the Practical Output Feedback Stabilization for Nonlinear Uncertain Systems,
    pp. 145–153
  2. K. Dučinskas. Statistical Classification of the Observation of Nuggetless Spatial Gaussian Process with Unknown Sill Parameter, pp. 155–163 (Ducinskas.pdf)
  3. B.A. Idowu, U.E. Vincent, A.N. Njah. Generalized Adaptive Backstepping Synchronization for Non-identical Parametrically Excited Systems, pp. 165–176 (Idowu.pdf)
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    pp. 199–216
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  7. A.M. Rashad, A.Y. Bakier. MHD Effects on Non-Darcy Forced Convection Boundary Layer Flow past a Permeable Wedge in a Porous Medium with Uniform Heat Flux, pp. 249–261 (Rashad.pdf)
  8. L.-S. Yao. Multiple Solutions in Fluid Dynamics, pp. 263–279 (Yao.pdf)

Vol. 14, No. 1

Published on 10 March 2009

  1. M.S. Alam, M.M. Rahman, M.A. Sattar. Transient Magnetohydrodynamic Free Convective Heat and Mass Transfer Flow with Thermophoresis past a Radiate Inclined Permeable Plate in the Presence of Variable Chemical Reaction and Temperature Dependent Viscosity, pp. 3–20 (Alam.pdf)
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  10. M. Sofonea, L. Chouchane. Quasistatic Adhesive Contact of Piezoelectric Cylinders, pp. 123–142 (Sofonea.pdf)

Vol. 13, No. 4

Published on 28 November 2008

  1. S.K. Ghosh, O. Anwar Beg. Theoretical Analysis of Radiative Effects on Transient Free Convection Heat Transfer past a Hot Vertical Surface in Porous Media, pp. 419–432 (Ghosh.pdf)
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  9. V. Skakauskas. A One-Sex Population Dynamics Model with Discrete Set of Offsprings and Child Care, pp. 525–552 (Skakauskas.pdf)

Vol. 13, No. 3

Published on 28 August 2008

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  8. M. Stoncelis, M. Vaičiulis. Numerical Approximation of Some Infinite Gaussian Series and Integrals,
    pp. 397–415

Vol. 13, No. 2

Published on 02 June 2008

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    P(X)-Laplacian, pp. 145–158
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Published on 21 June 2002

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Vol. 6, No. 2

Published on 04 December 2001

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No. 5

Published on 05 December 2000

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No. 4

Published on 07 December 1999

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No. 3

Published on 03 December 1998

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No. 2

Published on 16 January 1998

The issue No. 2 covers Proceedings of the Conference "Nonlinear phenomena, modelling and control" (Klaipėda, Lithuania). This issue exists in printed form and may be requested from the Institute of Mathematics and Informatics at the address: Prof. Mifodijus Sapagovas, Institute of Mathematics and Informatics, Akademijos 4, LT-2600, Vilnius, Lithuania.

No. 1

Published on 02 September 1997

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