Lithuanian Association of Nonlinear Analysts

LANA: Objectives

LANA is a not-for-profit organization with objectives to include practising professionals in academia and industry, post-doctoral research scholars, and doctoral students, etc. and to provide the following types of activities:

  • to establish local and international cooperation with active analysts and organizations, with the International Federation of Nonlinear Analysts, other similar organizations;
  • to organize conferences, workshops, symposia etc.;
  • to publish a needed research journal and digests for documenting, disseminating and distributing the results of on going research in various fields and disciplines, covered by members of the Association.

Scholarly disciplines covered by interests of the Association are:

  • mathematical sciences;
  • physical sciences;
  • chemical sciences;
  • biological sciences;
  • computational/numerical algorithms;
  • engineering sciences;
  • environmental and nature sciences;
  • social sciences, etc.

The nonlinear analysts of Lithuania have attained world-reknown results and publications in international journals in such areas of research as nonlinear differential equations, field theory, stochastic processes, nonlinear dynamics, chaos, fluctuation and kinetics, nonlinear optics and laser spectroscopy, molecules and molecular aggregates, charge and excitation dynamics in condensed substances, some others. Very good evaluations of these results were giving by EU, the International Science Foundation, the American Society of Physics, the Alexander Humboldt Foundation, etc. The scientists are participating in numerous research programs, such as EUREKA, PHARE, and other EU programs.