Lithuanian Association of Nonlinear Analysts

Modelling and Control of Nonlinear Phenomena

National Academic Seminar

117.D. BalciunasDisplacement while Competition Law and Coexistance of Species05/10/2006
116.Prof. Vytautas Kleiza (MII, KTU)Weighted Average Methods in Solving Nonlinear and Reciprocal Equations03/22/2006
115.Dr. Jonas Kleiza (VGTU)Mathematical Methods for Anisotropic Electric Conductivity Research 01/18/2006
114.Dr. Aleksandras KrylovasThe Analysis of Mathematical Models based on Partial Differential Equations and the Design of Numerical Asymptotic Approximations01/11/2006 Robert Finn (Stanford University)Capillary Surfaces: Explored and Untouched10/26/2005 R. Kacianauskas (VGTU)Finite Element Method and its Application to Material Mechanics05/11/2005
111.A.Dubietis, G.Valiulis, A.Varanavičius (VU, Faculty of Physics)Nonlinear light localization02/09/2005 M.SapagovasBoundary problem for differential equations with nonlocal condition12/08/2004 Kostas Pileckas (Institute of Math. and CS)Mathematical Modeling of the Flow of viscous Fluid in infinite Domains11/24/2004 Aivaras Kareiva (VU, Faculty of Chemistry)Preparation of mixed-metall Aluminates and Gallates using Aqueous Sol-Gel Technique10/27/2004
107.Dr. R. Baronas, prof. F. Ivanauskas, prof. J. KulysMathematical and Computer Modelling of Biosensors05/19/2004
106.Prof. V. Laurinavičius (Research Institute of Biochemistry)Biosensors: Problems and Prospects03/24/2004
105.Prof. R. Barauskas (Kaunas University of Technology)Analysis of Structures Dynamics by Finite Element Method02/25/2004
104.Prof. J. Augutis, prof. E. Užpuras, R. Alzbutas (Vytautas Magnus University)Risk Estimation in Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant11/26/2003
103.Dr. Juozas Šulskus (Vilnius University)Methods of Quamtum Chemistry in Molecoles Conformation and Spectrum Research10/29/2003
102.Prof. Minvydas Ragulskis (Kaunas University of Technology)The Control of Attractors in Systems with wave Excitation05/14/2003
101.Dr. R. Bakanas (Institute of semiconductor Physics)The Control of Fronts with a 'zero' Field04/03/2003
100.Prof. Algis Piskarskas, Dr. G. Veitas (Vilnius University)Laser Technologies: Research and Industry Combination. The effective Change of Light Impulse spectral Span06/12/2002
99.Dr. Habil. Juozas Banys (Vilnius University)The dialectric Spectrography dipolar Glasses and Reflectors02/12/2003
98.Dr. Albertas Pincevičius (Lithuanian Military Academy)The Features of Modelling of Parameters of superhigh Frequency Devices11/27/2002
97.Dr. Habil. E. Tornau (Institute of Semiconductor Physics, Lithuania)The Models of Phase Conversion10/07/2002
96.Andrius Kubilius (The Parliament of Lithuania)The Role of Academic Community in Development of Knowledge Economics06/12/2002
95.Algirdas Saudargas (The Parliament of Lithuania)The geopolitical goals of Lithuania after joining European Union05/08/2002
94.Prof. B. Kaulakys (ITPA, Lithuania)The Status Quo and Perspectives of Science and Studies in Lithuania04/24/2002
93.Dr. S. Juršėnas (VU, Lithuania)Molecular Optoelectronics04/10/2002
92.R. Levulienė (VU, Lithuania, doctoral student)Semiparametric Estimates and Goodness-of-Fit Tests for Tire Wear and Failure Time Data03/13/2002
91.Dr. P. Miškinis (VGTU, Lithuania)The contemporary understanding of the Universe02/27/2002
90.Prof. V. Ivaška (VU, Lithuania)The Essay: between Mathematics and Physics01/23/2002
89.Dr. hab. K. Staliūnas (VU, Lithuania)Anticorrelation, Subdiffussion, 1/f-Spectra in stable financial System12/19/2001
88.Prof. Š. Raudys (IMI, Lithuania)The universal Properties of Perceptron11/28/2001
87.Dr. V. Kleiza (IMI, Lithuania)The Method of Semi-inversion to determine the Dependence of Conduction in anisotropic Media with respect to a strained Body11/14/2001
86.Prof. A. Račkauskas (VU, Lithuania)The Models of Econometrics10/24/2001
85.Prof. A. Morkeliūnas (VU, Lithuania)The effectiveness of processes: how to evaluate it?10/10/2001
84.Dr. G. Valiulis (VU, Lithuania)"Bullets of the Light": Modelling by nonlinear Schroedinger Equations and Laboratory Experiments09/26/2001
83.Prof. L. Saulis (VGTU, Lithuania)The Approximation of Nonlinear Statistics05/09/2001
82.Prof. S. Janušonis (Research Institute of Semiconductor Physics, Lithuania)The Formation of Artificial Solar Systems04/25/2001
81.Prof. R. Rakauskas, Dr. A. Pincevicius (Military Academy, Lithuania)Models of Combate Field Situations04/11/2001
80.Prof. A. Dementjev (Research Insitute of Physics, Lithuania)Light Impulses in Activated Abnormal-dispersive Media - "A stopped Light"03/28/2001
79.Prof. A. Krotkus (Research Institute of Semiconductor Physics, Lithuania)The Ultrafast Semiconductor Opto-electronics03/14/2001
78.Prof. R. Karazija (VU, Lithuania)Modelling and Measuring the Atom Spectra02/28/2001
77.Dr. A. Bastys (VU, Lithuania)Computer-aided analysis of Electrocardiograms02/14/2001
76.Dr. A. Juozapavičius (VU, Lithuania)Computer vision: algorithms and applications01/24/2001
75.Dr. K. Staliūnas (VU, Lithuania)1/f-noise in nonlinear spatial systems12/12/2000
74.LR Vice-minister R. Vaitkus (Lithuania)The problems related to shutting down of Ignalina nuclear power plant11/22/2000
73.Prof. Valdas Sirutkaitis (Lithuania)Ultrashort light impulses and the problems of their generation11/08/2000
72.Prof. Artūras Žukauskas (Lithuania)The new revolution in semiconductor physics: the case of enlightment10/25/2000
71.Prof. Gintautas Kamuntavičius (Lithuania)The functional-differencial equations for the systems of identical fermions10/11/2000
70.Assoc. prof. Alfonsas Ramonas (Lithuania)The optimization of parameters of the energy in a spectra of complex atoms09/27/2000
69.Prof. Vaidutis Kučinskas (Lithuania)"Lithuanian Genes" and the Geography of Genes in Lithuania06/14/2000
68.Dr. V. Kleiza (The Institute of Mathematics and Informatics, LT)The Determination of the matter Constants of thin metallic Surfaces by Solving the Inverse Problem of Elliptic Differential Equations05/24/2000
67.Assoc. Prof. Albertas Pincevičius (The Military Academy of Lithuania, LT)The Application of the Monte-Carlo Methods in Balistics05/10/2000
66.Prof. Kęstutis Makariūnas (The National Council of Science, Lithuania)The Council's Efforts to raise the Role of Science in the State04/26/2000
65.Prof. Steponas Ašmontas (Institute of Semiconductor Physics, LT)The Transfer Processes in Strongly-compensated Semiconductors04/12/2000
64.Prof. Šarūnas Raudys (Institute of Mathematics and Informatics, LT)The "Marriage" of the Statistics and the Theory of Neural Networks03/08/2000
63.Eng. A. Laurinaitis (The Scientists' House, LT)Models of Management Processes: the Monada as a Loop-Law and the Problem of Stability02/23/2000
62.Prof. A. Undzėnas (Institute of Physics, LT)The Photogeneration of Chargers in Organic Photo-semiconductors02/09/2000
61.Prof. K. Pyragas (Institute of Semiconductor Physics, LT)The Phenomena of Chaotic Synchronization and their Application01/26/2000
60.Prof. A. Galdikas (Institute of Semiconductor Physics, LT)Solid-state Gas Sensors and Electronic Systems of Scant Identification: Technology, Research, Applications12/22/1999
59.Dr. Gediminas Juzeliūnas (Institute of Theoretical Physics and Astronomy, LT)The Theory of Optical Properties of Rezonance Interaction of Molecular Systems12/08/1999
58.Prof. Bronius Grigelionis (Institute of Mathematics and Informatics, LT)Double Stochastic Processes: Analysis and Applications11/10/1999
57.Prof. Algirdas Vaškelis (Institute of Chemistry, LT)The Modelling of Chemical Processes10/27/1999
56.Prof. Šarūnas Raudys (Institute of Mathematics and Informatics, LT)The Law of Perfection and Degradation in the Nature and the Society10/13/1999
55.Dr. Saulius Norvaišas (Institute of Mathematics and Informatics, LT)Imitational Modelling of Social and Economic Systems: Achievements and Problems09/23/1999
54.Prof. Mifodijus Sapagovas (Institute of Mathematics and Informatics, LT)Minimal Surfaces in Plateau Problem: Numerical Methods and Applications06/23/1999
53.Prof. Suhrit K. Dey (Eastern Illinois University, USA)Massively parallel computation and solution of PDE05/26/1999
52.Dr. P. Vaitiekūnas (VGTU, LT)The numeric modeling of convectional transfer processes in recircular turbulent flows05/12/1999
51.Prof. G. Trinkūnas (Institute of Physics, LT)The structure and functions of pigment-albument complexes (modeling by genetic algorithms)04/14/1999
50.Prof. E. Manstavičius (Vilnius University, LT)The formula of Ewens' probes and stochastic processes03/24/1999
49.Dr. V. Gineitytė (Institute of theoretical Physics and Astronony, LT)The blockdiagonalization of Hermit matrices: solution by power series, and applications03/10/1999
48.Prof. B. Kaulakys (Institute of theoretical Physics and Astronony, LT)The background of the 1/f noise theory02/24/1999
47.Dr. A. Matulionis (Institute of Semiconductor Physics, LT)The fluctuational spectroscopy of hot electrons02/10/1999
46.Dr. A. Janavičius (Šiauliai University, LT)Some models and methods of quantum mechanics and nonlinear diffusion01/27/1999
45.Dr. K. Staliūnas (Vilnius University, LT & PTB Braunschweig, DE)The synergetics of the light: 3D formation of light in nonlinear optics12/09/1998
44.Dr. A. Čenys (Institute of Theoretical Physics and Astronony, LT)The synchronization of chaos and piece-wise chaos11/25/1998
43.Prof. B. Juodka (Vilnius University, LT)The biochemistry at Vilnius University11/11/1998
42.Prof. V. Doroševas, V. Volkovas (Kaunas University of Technology, LT)The dynamics of the response of nonhomogeneous systems to impact of the impulse10/28/1998
41.Prof. K. Prunskienė (the Parliament of Lithuania, LT)The transition of Lithuanian economy, and its tendencies10/14/1998
40.Prof. A. Piskarskas, prof. V. Smilgevičius, prof. A. Stabinis (Vilnius University, LT)The dynamics of light beams09/23/1998
39.Prof. J. Mockus (Institute of Mathematics and Informatics, LT)Bayesian heuristic methods for optimization problems06/10/1998
38.Prof. A. Survila (Institute of Chemistry, LT)Nonlinear characteristics of electro-chemical systems05/27/1998
37.Prof. R. Rudzkis (Institute of Mathematics and Informatics, LT)The analysis of the time series05/13/1998
36.Prof. A. Baraškov (Institute of Energy, Moscow, RU)The asymptotic methods in experimental data processing04/22/1998
35.Prof. V. Geralavičius (Central Bank of Lithuania, LT)The Central Bank of Lithuania04/08/1998
34.Prof. R. Vaišnys (Vytautas Magnus University, LT & Yale University, USA)The chaos in the nature and in mathematics03/25/1998
33.Prof. K. Jarašiūnas (Vilnius University, LT)Optical nonlinearities in semiconductors caused by the light02/25/1998
32.Prof. A. Matulis (Institute of Semiconductor Physics, LT)The inverse Laplassian transform in the dynamics of spectroscopy02/11/1998
31.Prof. J. Vaitkus (Vilnius University, LT)The modeling of nonstability of semiconductor states, and the material's structure01/28/1998
30.Prof. A. Dargys (Institute of Semiconductor Physics, LT)The tuneling of condensed materials12/10/1997
29.Prof. A. Akimov (Institute of Applied Physics, Moscow, RU)The Torse fields and the transformations of scientific paradigm12/03/1997
28.Prof. J. Skeivalas (Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, LT)The precise GPS measuring, its' accuracy in applications11/26/1997
27.Prof. L. Valkūnas (Institute of Physics, LT)The anihilation of nonlinear exitons in the agregates of molecules11/12/1997
26.Prof. N. Bachvalov (Moscow State University, RU)Mathematical problems of nonhomogeneous substances10/22/1997
25.Prof. Š. Raudys (Institute of Mathematics and Informatics, LT)The evolution and generalization of nonlinear elementary neuron09/24/1997
24.Prof. M. Sapagovas (Institute of Mathematics and Informatics, LT)Mathematical modeling of nonlinear diffusion06/11/1997
23.Dr. A. Astrauskas (Vilnius University, LT)The passive intermittent fields in a random substances05/28/1997
22.Prof. V. Mackevičius (Vilnius University, LT)Numeric solutions of stochastic differential equations05/14/1997
21.Dr. M. Radavičius (Institute of Mathematics and Informatics, LT)The choise of statistical models: methods and applications04/23/1997
20.Prof. A. Gutmanas (Kaunas Academy of Medicine, LT)The biological stability of dendrits04/09/1997
19.Prof. M. Žalakevičius (Institute of Ecology, LT)The modeling of the regulation of birds' migration03/26/1997
18.Prof. S. Puškorius, prof. R. Rakauskas (Military Academy, LT)Scientific research and education in the Military Academy03/12/1997
17.Dr. L. Sakalauskas (Institute of Mathematics and Informatics, LT)Practical methods of stochastic programming02/26/1997
16.Dr. D. Kirvelis (Vilnius University, LT)The genesis of information and regulation in the preditor-pray system02/12/1997
15.Dr. R. Bakanas (Institute of Semiconductor Physics, LT)The evolution of nonlinear excitation in dissipative systems01/22/1997
14.Dr. R. Krasauskas (Vilnius University, LT)Mathematical methods in geometric design12/11/1996
13.Prof. R. Rakauskas (Military Academy of Lithuania, LT)Numeric methods in the molecular physics11/27/1996
12.Dr. A. Juozapavičius (Vilnius University, LT)Research information systems11/23/1996
11.Prof. J. Kulys (Institute of Biochemistry, LT)Mathematical methods in the biokinetics10/23/1996
10.Dr. A. Timinskas (Institute of Biotechnology, LT)The identification of structural and functional determinants in albumens10/09/1996
9.Dr. E. Norvaišas (Institute of theoretical Physics and Astronomy, LT)The topological Skyrme's model for barions06/26/1996
8.Prof. R. Katilius (Institute of Semiconductor Physics, LT)The kinetics of fluctuations06/12/1996
7.Habil. Dr. K. Pyragas (Institute of Semiconductor Physics, LT)Controlling the chaos05/22/1996
6.Prof. A. Dementjevas (Institute of Physics, LT)Mathematical models of nonlinear phenomena in active and passive spatial substances II05/08/1996
5.Prof. F. Ivanauskas (Vilnius University, LT)The analysis of mathematical models for nonlinear processes04/24/1996
4.Prof. B. Kaulakys (Institute of theoretical Physics and Astronomy, LT)The chaos in the classical and quantum dynamics04/10/1996
3.Prof. A. Dementjevas (Institute of Physics, LT)Mathematical models of nonlinear phenomena in active and passive spatial substances I03/27/1996
2.Prof. A. Stabinis (Vilnius University, LT)The modelling of cross-sectional light beams in nonlinear optics03/13/1996
1.Prof. A. Piskarskas (Vilnius University, LT)Research in the Laser Center of Vilnius University: problems and applications02/28/1996